Alexander Shapovalov


Research in Mathematics (PhD in algebra),
Pedagogical experience (a number of my students have been awarded at International Math Olympics),
Wrote 8 books in popular mathematics.

What is new on the site


Though I gave most lessons in Russian and Swedish, a few of them were in English indeed. Usually these were preparation to math competitions. A good selection of problems helps much to make a good lesson.

Problems for Fun and Math Competitions

It is fun to state a math. question which is easy to understand but hard to find an answer. A new problem usually come to me as a curious question "What if...". Strangely enough there are others who like to search for the answers to these questions... Here is an example:
Twelve candidates for mayor participate in a TV talk show. At some point a candidate said: One lie has been told. Another said: "Now two lies has been told. Now three lies, said a third. This continued until the twelfth said "Now twelve lies has been told. At this point the moderator ended the discussion. It turned out that at least one of the candidates correctly stated the number of lies told before he made the claim. How many lies were actually told by the candidates?

My Books

Some things are evident to me but not to others. I try to explain these things in my books. As I don't like long explanations, my books are usually rather thin. Those who can read in Russion can download quite an essential part of each book free of charge.

Math Competitions

In a number of math competitions I'v been either a coordinator or a jury member. In some competions I participated as a problem composer. Most of the competitions are russian or swedish, but some of them are international. Here you can find some problems in English from these competitions.
The next one: European Math Tournament the 1 - 7 March 2018, Minsk, Belarus