During years of teaching I got some expirience. Some things were evident to me but not to others. To explain these things I started to write. Strangely enough I wrote not articles but books. I don't like long explanations and try to write short. So my books are mainly thin. To avoid monologues I first discuss my texts with my friends. They have clever ideas too, so we usually write together. Here you can see the results of our work.

Bottle-neck principle

A.Shapovalov, I.Yashchenko
Vertical Mathematics for Everybody

L.Mednikov, A.Shapovalov
Tournament of Towns: World of Mathematics in Problems

How to Construct an Example?

A.Shapovalov, L.Mednikov
XVII Savin's Tournament of Math Battles

A.Shapovalov, L.Mednikov
How to Train for Math Battles.
400 problems from Savin's Tournament

How to Train for Math Battles

A.Zaslavsky, B.Frenkin, A.Shapovalov
Problems about Tournaments

Mathematical Constructions: from Huts to Palaces