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Tournament of Towns


The International Tournament of Towns is a competition in solving of mathematical problems. Both high school students and towns compete. The final grade for a city equals the average score of the best grades of the officially competing participants from that city, where the number of the participants is proportional to the population of the town.

The main idea is to avoid all unnecessary restrictions and to encourage for advances (instead of punishment for failure). All students that want may participate: no preliminary selection, no travel expenses (each student competes in his/her native town). Calculators, reference books and so on are allowed. The juniors can compete with the seniors via easier problems and the uniform score system. If students from different forms have to solve the same problems the score for the juniors is multiplied by an age coefficient. One may even skip the problem he/she does not like - only the three best are included in the result. At last, one has several attempts while only the best attempt give the final result.